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The New Beginning.
The Young Giblet Knight: Willowbee the Pug

"Return of The Giblet Knight"
Hi, I'm Poppy-the proud dad of a smashingly handsome pug named Willowbee Late Last Night (because he didn't arrive at his new home until the wee hour of the morning---4 am!). He has such distinct marks like eyebrows that look like moth antennaes, an upright stately posture, and an alert, chipper personality. Like most pugs, he's a big fan of food and goes bonkers in its presence.
Willowbee was born in the mountains of Connecticut, but comes from a very distinct line of Pug Champions, going back as far as 5 generations (maybe more!). You can begin here with Virgil
(aka: CH Kendoric's Ticket to Ride, dad) and Kyle (granddad).
Great Grandpa, whose name is "AM BDA CH Kendoric's Highland Piper," otherwise known as Duncan, has a homepage of his own. Also at this page, you can see Duncan's grandma "AM/CAN/BDA/CH Pelshire's Magic Phantasy." Whoa! that's Willowbee's great, great, GREAT grandma! His mom is "Betty Angel Baby OK" (or Betty, for short) who is a famous video star. She is featured in Melissa Etheridge's video "So This is Christmas."

What a famous family! Willowbee, himself, got started already!...

Willowbee is dressing up for Halloween this year, yep, you guessed it, as a dashing bumblebee. We went to the Patriot Pug Dog Club's Halloween Parade/AKC Sanctioned Match on October 26, 1996, in Attleboro, Mass. To learn more about dog shows, click here. Boy, were there pugs! Pugs galore! Lots of pug cuties in costumes (see his other site for photos!). He won awards in 3 different classes, and lots of hearts. We all had so much fun. It was tough because he was in contest with his brother, Teddy!
FIRST Place in Sweeps (3-6 months puppies) Judging
SECOND Place in a Regular Class (3-6 months puppies) Judging
...and FIFTH Place in Costume Judging
It's tough to be a Giblet Knight, day in, day out. Training is severe! An average 3.5-miles jog with Mommy, 2-3 times a week, takes a toll on the little Night. By the time he gets home, a dash for the water bowl and---FLOP!---right on the floor (you think Raggedy Ann looks raggedy?). The Knight must remains in this meditative state for a good hour, channeling and replenishing the force back into his compact body.

Some Fun Sites for your Amusement
The Pug Dogs Mega Page
Willowbee's Great Grandpa's (Duncan) Page
Manual of Pug Tricks
David Bradshaw's Bee Page (We love bees!)

You are bee number Hope you enjoyed it! Good pollenating....

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