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Return of the Giblet Knight

starring Willowbee Late Last Night

"The New Beginning"

New episodes are here! (see links above)

Here is a rare occasion: Willowbee looks as if he could actually be a very cuddly fella.... Oh, no, not completely so! He allows Mommy exactly 5 seconds of touchy-feely, but then like a judo/sumo wrestler master: he kicks, he chops, he squirms, and---BAMM! Two microseconds flat: he's free! (As you can see, he's realized that other kids may be looking so, "No Way, Jose!" Tough guys don't cuddle with Mommy).

As quick as a lighting ninja, Will slips through Mommy's arms, bolts to the ground and puts on the toughest and meanest acts: growlin', g-narlin', spittin' and huffin'. (You can't see it, but believe me you, the hair on his back stood up so sharp and mangy that he puts Don King's do to shame!). His teacher, Master Jibbs, approves of his display of feral instincts. Naturally, as a humble student, Willowbee never thinks he can actually be as ferocious- (or insanely rediculously-) looking as his master. But he tries hard.
After the mental trial of ferocity and courage, Willowbee must endure by the Ring of Goo, where he will spend a whole afternoon imposing his physical power over this mystical, rawest-of-all-hide, training device. The more jaw force Will exerts, the more Goo the Ring spins, making his struggle for superior strength over the Bark Force even more intense (as seen here in a rare footage, never seen before! And if you can only hear the sounds he makes---let's put this way: if you put him next to the possessed Exorcist girl, she'll sound like those little Mattel potty-training dolls).
It's tough to be a Giblet Knight, day in, day out. Training is severe! An average 3.5-miles jog with Mommy, 2-3 times a week, takes a toll on the little Night. By the time he gets home, a dash for the water bowl and---FLOP!---right on the floor (you think Raggedy Ann looks raggedy?). The Knight must remains in this meditative state for a good hour, channeling and replenishing the force back into his compact body.
Training is crucial and conducive to a highly-developed mental state: a distinct mark of the Giblet Knights. Willowbee is always attentive to every command, cocking his head and perking his ears to exhibit his alertness. A Knight must be able to gather all his knowledge and feel the force, willing the treats to flow to his mouth: he must use such techniques as The Rollus, The Sitt, The Downe, The KomSide, The Staand, The Heel, and The Staie. Moreover, Willowbee has advanced to the level where he can wield the force to perform The Gentl, where he must delicately remove (instead of snapping as any untrained, excited Giblet Knight would do) the treat from his Master's hand. He works hard to go a step further: concentrating all his power to hold the treat in his mouth, known as the G-raasp, until he get the "Okay!" signal (which can be immediately, or a whole minute!) from his Master.
Unfortunately, Will has not master the Chu technique: any tasty force that comes into his mouth flows right down his throat. As far as he's concerned, why Chu when you can Gulpe. This saves energy, and readies him for the next lesson.
If you'd like to send Willowbee a word of encouragement, or a lick of sympathy while he's in training with Master Jibbs, he'll love to hear from you. He only gets an hour break to check his e-mail and surf the web. Yes, you must think it's unbelievable that this pug, Willowbee, can use a computer, say alone has an e-mail account. Well, you know, it would be impossible were he to use anything but a Mac.

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May the Farce be with you. Giblet Knights have passed through this solar system.

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