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“ have a sister!”

The Empress Strikes (His) Back

Introducing Lelu Kafeer Lili

"The New Beginning"
(Here shown, Ms. Lelu retiring at the Cold Point Hill Pug Ranch.)

"Dumpling Girl...," Princess Lelu began. "Which should I tackle first: the Chicken Stir Fry or the Egg Foo Young?"

"My dear, Lelu," Dumpling Girl replied wisely with a hint of impatience, "simply whichever one Willowbee hasn’t Gulped already!"

"Ohh deeear, I'll never become as a formidable Giblet Knight as Willowbee! (boohoohoo...)" Princess Lelu whimpered and began slipping into a gagging and hacking fit, trying to disengage that untouchable invisible, known as Airbawl, from her throat.

"Patience, young Kafeer Lili. Patience, my dear. It may seem hopelessly hair-splittin'. You may be a bit "challenged", but the day will come when you will actually behave like Willowbee."

"You think so, Dumpling?" Lelu's eyes widened with hope and renewed excitement. She squatted her butt down next to Dumpling Girl. One of her hind legs was unconsciously cocked, pointing in the air, and her tongue was hanging out as she breathed rapidly. She looked up to Dumpling Girl, to that fully-fluffed, calming mantric moon-face mentor, with undivided devotion and awe, "I wanna have hair like yours some day, Dumpling..." Lelu concluded wistfully. "Your hair... those buns...(sigh!)"
"Yieeppp!" Lelu cried, "What ARE those thing?" pointing to the on-screen transmission.

"Holy Bland Panang Curry!" Dumpling gasped. "We must call for a counsel of The Great Teeth. Those are the feared voracious Eat-Walks! These creatures can Gulp AND walk at the same time. They must not invade and colonize our Big Bowl. We'll all starve for days!" Dumpling turned to Princess Lelu, "You must get help! You must find the one they call 'Master Jibbs.' He trained Willowbee. Go now! Go!"

(Time passes...)

"Master Jibbs, you're our only hope!" Lelu began. "There are these Eat-Walk creatures, and Dumpling Girl said, and my Airbawl, and Willowbee..."

"Whoa! Slow down, Princess," interrupted Master Sofah, the Alpha Master of all Giblet Masters, from his cushy vantage point. "The Council of Great Teeth has already learned of this threatening situation, little one. The question is can Willowbee face the Eat-Walks by himself...."

"If he challenges them in a Gorge Dual," Master Jibbs chimed in, "he may be imperilled by the Dark Forces..."

"The Dark Forces, Master Jibbs?" Lelu looked concerned.

"Yes, Lelu, the Dark Forces: The Upechuk and The Gaagg!"

(Gasp! To be continued...!)

(and now for something completely different)

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Holy spicy curry!  Eat-Walks have invaded the Big Bowl! 

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